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The Strategy of Mibrary

Create a publishing option for people's insights - where people can publish their first 500 insights - 100 page book - with custom Mibrary design cover - "publishing" button on the website that takes them thru a step by step process.

Customer Development in a Startup

kickass w/ your kickstarter project: Start with the story (a simple credible and emotional idea), Plan a friend fueled viral launch (guns blazing, many hit funding in one day - create a movement), make your own video, experiment with rewards (Casual, Core, Evangelist), Get bloggers and tweeters on

Developing an Intelligent Political View

We need less tit for tat debates on politics: "Up" comes off as a rebuke to traditional cable shout-fests like CNN's late "Cross-fire". Guest are encouraged to go deep into the issues of the week, and not try to score cheap-shot points to win the debate.

Learning about Marriage

The untold benefit of marriage from a longtime mother: "I'll tell you why you need marriage," she told her. "Because it make it harder for the other person to leave."... Not as a trap, but an expression of commitment

Hiring Talent

Create a place with a great sense of purpose: "Apple understands that a lot of people will forgo money if they have a sense of higher purpose"

Becoming a Networker

The purpose of small talk: "By definition small talk is not goal-oriented, the goal is to make yourself conversationally available to other people in a way that shows you are not just a single-mindedly entrepreneurial, but that you're a human being, and that you can find common ground."

Inspiring Autobiographies

Don't be afraid of the unconventional approach: On a PGA Tour overrun by perfect swings and political correctness, Bubba Watson stands out like a cowboy on Wall Street. He is outspoken, with an unconventional swing and an imagination with no out-of-bounds markers.

Finding Inspiration

Inspiring Entrepreneurs rethinking basic problems: Songza is rival to Pandora, and has ready-made playlists for certain times of day or activities, such as getting going on Monday morning or romancing on Friday night. I love this!